Why does a woman attract weak men: rogue, losers and gigolos? The psychology of attraction

By Garry

Rogues, gigolos, mama’s sons, eternal students, philosophers – such men do not want anything, whine, look for excuses for themselves, shift the responsibility onto the woman.

If you only come across these types from time to time, that’s okay. In a sense, they help to orient oneself in desires, favorably set off more adequate candidates and bring a kind of “funny” moments into life.

If the number of rogues and losers around you worries, if they just stick to you – be careful! This is a trend!

To understand how much your environment helps you in development, answer a few questions:

  • Are my friends and fans positive about life?
  • Are they developing, discovering new areas of knowledge?
  • They adequately relate to money, do they strive to get what they want in this life, without complaining and not complaining?
  • Could they provide me with tangible financial and moral support if necessary?
  • Do I only occasionally develop relationships with married, weak, or not caring men?
  • Are most of my past relationships long-term and enjoyable to remember?
  • Do the best, most confident and successful men approach me at parties and other events?
  • If you answered “no” to at least one question, it’s time to change something urgently!

Why is a woman attracted to men she doesn’t like?

Surely you know a happy woman, surrounded by many worthy men who are constantly ready to support her.

She is admired, hands are vying with each other when she gets out of the car, they are drawn to her – although, it would seem, there is nothing special about her! Where is the model appearance, where are the charming whims in the spirit of Scarlett O’Hara? She’s ordinary!

Stereotypes are playing against you

If you seriously think that a strong, confident and adequate man is looking for a long-legged bitch who will fool his brains, you are mistaken.

A normal man devotes most of his time to his business, work, and there is absolutely no need for him to deal with another mysterious offense of a capricious woman.

Which women attract men

He wants to have a good, loyal and open woman next to whom he will feel good.

Why do women attract the wrong men?

Self-doubt is the main enemy that you need to defeat on the inside. A weak person attracts exactly the same people, and an insecure man simply cannot be successful and completely happy.

If you are still lucky enough to meet a strong and confident man, but you do not love yourself, you will simply push him away because of the subconscious defensive reaction “I am not worthy of him.”

Lack of femininity

It is unlikely that you will attract strong men if you yourself radiate masculine energy.

Why a woman attracts weak men

A strong man will not want to deal with such a woman – he will have to compete with her, fight, and he has enough struggle in the environment of a social race.

He wants a gentle, feminine girl, for the sake of which he wants to perform feats.


You have a crowd of fans, followers on Instagram, gifts, attention, admiration – but you attract selfish, frivolous men? This is quite natural.

You broadcast inaccessibility and a certain elitism, and what you broadcast is what you get – they want to get you like a trophy.

Having challenged and achieved you, amused his ego, the man will simply get bored and leave.

Unwillingness to develop

If you prefer to sit on social networks and not be interested in anything new, how can you become interesting for a strong, developing man?

There are many active, developing, interesting women around, and he does not want to waste time on the one who does not love life and does not support his aspiration upward.

Mommy instinct

Losers are convenient to patronize, they are simply made for this. For their sake, you need to sacrifice yourself, suffer, receive the consolations and pity of friends, feel the weight of the whole sky on your shoulders and be proud that you can withstand it.

How to attract a man you like to yourself?

Feminine energy attracts men – everything happens at such subtle levels that it is simply impossible to specifically track or imitate it.

In fact, none of us deliberately chooses a mate for ourselves, just as we do not choose the “best” – we fall in love with those who suit us, who are at some level the same as us.