Why do strangers write to us?

By Garry

Seekers of communication by interests

It is not surprising that people are looking for like-minded people on the web. Of course, there are special forums for collectors of stamps and cacti, for lovers of psychology and esotericism, and so on. But, perhaps, the person was hooked on your account by something , and he decided to chat with you.

What if a stranger wrote to you who believes that he has common interests with you?

Personally, I carefully study the text of the message and the account of the one who is eager to chat with me. And I conclude how productive such communication will be. For example, if a message is written in an aggressive tone, or there is a slight inadequacy, I ignore such messages. If the tone is friendly, the person offers some kind of cooperation, addresses this or that question, usually I answer.

Sometimes people write to those with similar interests to advertise for themselves. They talk about their projects, give links to their pages. I can follow the link, but I rarely reply to such messages.

Imposing services

People who are engaged in any business often ask everyone to be friends or write messages in order to be able to advertise their services or their company.

I most often ignore these messages and even mark them as spam . I don’t want to see unnecessary ads in my feed, and I don’t want to receive advertising messages either.

Those who want to get to know each other

Although social media is not a dating site, many people perceive it in this vein. And they write messages to people they like.

This can be perceived in different ways. But you need to be aware that communicating with a person about whom you essentially do not know anything may turn out to be unsafe.

Why? Nowadays there are a lot of perverts and swindlers, and they graze not only on dating sites. If a person asked to be your friend and wrote a message, then you can subconsciously already perceive him as “yours”. But even his account can be fake!

Recently, a man 16 years younger than me wrote to me (I’m under 50). We have no common acquaintances. He said that he liked my photo and offered to meet. According to him, he likes older women.

Of course, there are men who prefer older women. The reason for this may be some kind of psychological problem. Possibly a difficult relationship with her mother. Or the mother died early

But there are gigolos who are not averse to profit from a woman. They expect that a mistress, who is suitable for their mother’s age, will support them, or at least periodically give money and make gifts. And only good sex is required from them.

There are also outright scammers. They can defraud your bank details or ask for money under some plausible pretext. For example, allegedly for the treatment of someone close. If you do not have money, they may even try to get you to borrow a large sum from someone or mortgage your apartment, get loans …

A man can also film you in the most intimate moments and then start blackmailing you by posting it on the Internet. If you don’t pay him immediately.

This alignment is not required. But the chance to become a victim of a dishonest person, an intruder or a whole gang when dating on a social network always remains. Therefore, before entering into a relationship, it would not be bad to check whoever writes to you.

People who write with an incomprehensible purpose

Sometimes people just add to friends or write meaningless phrases like: “Hello!”

In this case, what they want is not clear. If I want to establish a connection with someone, I will write in more detail.

I think this is a kind of social engineering. The authors of such posts are waiting for you to get hooked and answer something. And then there may be a lot of options. If a person is inadequate, he may start talking some kind of nonsense. Or he may again start advertising himself. Or trying to get to know and start a relationship with you.

In my opinion, there are those who just strive to have as many virtual friends as possible, because it’s “cool”.

Personally, I never reply to such short messages. Why on earth should I enter into correspondence with a person unknown to me, who just decided to say hello to me?

Collection of information

Suspicious strangers can collect information about you. Or at someone’s request, or on your own initiative. They may be interested in your job, your apartment, your finances, and how you spend your free time.

You can, of course, just follow the account. But not all users have open accounts. Therefore, a person may ask to be friends and, if he does not find the information he is looking for on your page, he will start writing to you.

The initiators of spying on you can be your competitors in business, your employers who decided to check you for loyalty, your partners and friends, and finally, anyone!

If a new acquaintance casually asks some questions with a completely unclear purpose, you should be on your guard.