What photo to choose for a dating site?  3 tips from a blogger

What photo to choose for a dating site? 3 tips from a blogger

By Garry

Today many people use various virtual applications to find a partner: in the rhythm of modern life, when no one has time, it is very difficult to get to know a man “live”. How do you make a first impression on the internet? With the help of a properly selected photograph.

If you have registered on a dating site and you are not being paid enough attention, you think, you need to take a closer look at your profile in more detail. The first rule of successful online dating is an avatar! Yes, yes, it depends on ava  how the world sees you .

After all, the overwhelming majority of other site visitors view other people’s profiles in automatic mode: many simply scroll through the feed with photos and stop only at those who caught their eye. And only your intriguing photo on the dating site will help to attract their attention and make them stop choosing your profile .

According to statistics, most people do not pay enough attention to their photo on a dating site and they just can’t get to know each other and find a mate. Such people begin to sin on the site, tell everyone that it is impossible to meet on the Internet, write everywhere that there are only fools and fools on the Internet. But to look critically at yourself from the outside is only within the power of wise people. If you want to know more about how to meet on the Internet and who has already crossed the line of loneliness with the help of a dating site, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the publication cycle in the Dating section , and also follow the updates.

Let’s listen to the advice of statisticians and give priority to the photo in the dating profile . Where to begin? What should be the photo on the site so that it attracts the maximum number of interested people? First, you need to decide that a photo of a man and a photo of a woman are different types of photos.

1 Think about your message.

Women register on dating sites for a variety of reasons. Some are looking for a frivolous adventure, others are looking for marriage. Remember that your photographs must be fully consistent with your goals.

  • If you dream of a dizzying romance, rely on femininity and lightness. Choose an image in beautiful dresses, against the backdrop of a blooming garden or by the sea. Let your photo breathe a dream!
  • If you are in the mood for family and marriage, more restrained and less windy images are suitable here. For example, you can take a picture in beautiful clothes of light shades, choose a more closed, less flirty outfit. Please note that your image is completely free from any sexual provocation. Otherwise, you may be misunderstood.
  • If you are looking for an intimate adventure, it makes sense to showcase the sensual side of your nature. Short skirts, a deep neckline are suitable here, and you can choose the night lights of a big city as a background. Free and liberated sexuality will allow you not only to find a partner, but also to express yourself, your temperament.

What photo to choose for a dating site? 3 tips from a blogger

2 Stay benevolent

Regardless of who you are looking for on the web, it is very important to show that you are open to communication. Many women make the mistake of posting photos with cold, arrogant expressions. It is very important that your photographs express friendliness. Even if it is restrained. Otherwise, men will be afraid to enter into dialogue with you.

And no aggression! Remember, like attracts like. If you publish photos with too belligerent messages (it can be an abundance of red shades in clothes, an “animal” print, a corresponding facial expression), you make it clear in advance that you are ready for a confrontation. Think about how a man will look at it? Who will be “hooked” by a photograph of this nature? Either those who are looking for conflict, or those who need a powerful woman. If neither one nor the other is your target audience, it is better to choose a more neutral photo.

What photo to choose for a dating site? 3 tips from a blogger

3 Be careful with the photo editor

Smartphone apps allow you to change your appearance beyond recognition. And this, unfortunately, becomes the cause of disappointment. Indeed, in the photograph we see one person, but in life he turns out to be completely different! Try to limit yourself to light touch-ups that won’t change your facial features. It is also important that the photo is as realistic as possible – that is, you do not need to use filters to process the photo. Men perceive too glossy, “artificial” photographs as fake. Many users of dating sites admit that when a woman’s photo is too professional, they get the impression that they also worked on the appearance of the heroine in Photoshop.