What does the color of flowers mean: interpretation, meaning and language of flowers

By Garry

Appreciation, love, hope and other human emotions can be expressed in different ways – write in a letter or say in person, but a more gentle and sensual option for recognizing something is to send your message in the form of a bouquet of flowers. However, to do it right, you need to know what the color of the flowers means. Yellow, for example, is the color of warmth and joy, red is for passion and love, and white is for tenderness and humility.

Of course, you can turn to a professional florist who will collect a bouquet and express all your feelings with the help of flowers. However, before going to the store, you need to independently figure out what the colors of flowers mean in order to be sure for sure that feelings are expressed correctly. This article will tell you about this in detail and teach you to understand some of the intricacies of floristry.

What do the red flowers mean?

According to statistics, most of the flowers bought all over the world are red. However, many are unaware of some important rules that must be followed when preparing such a gift.

If a woman makes such a gift, then with such a bouquet she speaks of gratitude, respect and love for a man. It is preferable to give red flowers to those people who are already twenty-five years old. This is due to the fact that a person who has some experience in a love relationship will be able to understand such a gift. But for people younger than this age, it is better to choose a bouquet of a different color.

What do pink flowers mean?

Pink flowers are the embodiment of tenderness and lightness of feelings. With the help of these colors, one can express affection, humility, tenderness, sympathy, respect and respect for a person.

There are many shades of pink flowers, but they all tell about one thing – about the purity of feelings that the recipient of such a gift deserves. Such a bouquet can be presented to a person of any age.

What do yellow flowers mean?

Many have heard the song about yellow flowers, which are the messengers of separation. This is often the reason to avoid this color in bouquets. However, in reality, the song has nothing to do with floristry, and the yellow flowers themselves are a symbol of creativity, brightness and admiration.

If you plan to purchase a bouquet for a person who has special skill or performs in public, then a bouquet of yellow flowers will be more useful than ever. In addition, yellow flowers are a symbol of wealth and joy.

After it became known what the yellow flower actually means, you can safely give such a bouquet to loved ones. It should be noted that a bouquet of yellow flowers can be presented to a person of any age.

What do white flowers mean?

According to florists, a white bouquet is suitable as a gift for any person, since this color is considered neutral and is a symbol of gratitude, honesty and innocence. Therefore, they can be given without any doubt that such a gift may be misunderstood.

Often white flowers become the basis for wedding bouquets, since it has long been believed that this is a good omen that promises a long and happy married life. It is also considered favorable if a white bouquet was presented to the newlyweds on the day of the wedding. Therefore, if you are choosing a bouquet for a wedding, you should undoubtedly give preference to white flowers.

What do orange flowers mean?

Such a bouquet will allow you to express respect and warmth of feelings in relation to the one to whom such a gift is presented. It is customary to give orange flowers to those people who are already twenty years old.

In addition, florists note that if it is necessary to emphasize the status of a person, then orange flowers are also perfect for this. Therefore, it is advisable to hand such bouquets to the bosses, teachers, and also colleagues. In general, orange gerberas, calendula or marigolds look very simple and delicate, but such a kind of minimalism is sometimes better than another lush bouquet.

What do purple flowers mean?

This color always denotes admiration for a person. In general, it symbolizes wisdom and poetry. Purple is considered to be the color of poets and kings.

It is worth noting that a bouquet of purple asters or delphinium will help to establish a common language with a person after a quarrel, especially if such a bouquet is presented to a person who adheres to different views on things.