This neural network comes up with memes for you — it turns out very strange

By Garry

In addition to generating images of non-existent cats and people, neural networks have also learned how to create non-existent memes. It turns out that on the site of the meme generator Imgflip there is a section This Meme Does Not Exist — “This meme does not exist”. There, in a few seconds, you can create your own funny comic based on a well-known template with a caption that was invented by artificial intelligence.

On this site, you can choose from 48 popular templates for memes, including “Unfaithful Boyfriend”, rapper Drake from the video for the song Hotline Bling, surprised Pikachu, and so on. Then you need to click on the template you like, and the neural network will output a ready-made meme with a caption. It rarely makes any sense, but many people are funny precisely because of their absurdity.

“When you See Someone You Hate and Then Realize That Your Girlfriend Is a Girl”
Imgflip / This Meme Does Not Exist

To update the subtitles on a meme, click “Refresh”. If you want to make a funny picture with your name or the names of your friends, you can enter them in the “Prefix text” column. However, this feature is currently working poorly due to the heavy load on the site. But you can subscribe to Imgflip — then, according to the site’s developers, there will be no more problems with downloading, and you will be able to enjoy personalized memes from artificial intelligence.

The neural network was trained on memes uploaded to the Imgflip generator itself. There is no censorship, so be prepared for the fact that the comic created for your request will also contain swear words. Well, if strong expressions do not frighten you — you can start making memos!

We in the editorial office also tested the meme neural network and made pictures. We warn you: it’s very addictive!

“When Your Mom Says You’re Adopted”
Imgflip / This Meme Does Not Exist
“If You Can’t See a dick, Then You Can’t Be a Horse”
Imgflip / This Meme Does Not Exist
Imgflip / This Meme Does Not Exist