Successful photo on a dating site

By Garry

The woman’s smile on the avatar attracts attention with its mystery and disposition. If you are in the photo with a gloomy, sad face, most men are afraid (yes, yes, men are shy people) to write to you first.

ulybka-na-foto-v-ankete-na-sajte-znakomstv-po-param-ruSo smile! But the smile should be intriguing, not snide. At first glance, a man must decide to himself that it is possible to start communication with you, that you do not bite. Then he will write. If you don’t want to wait for someone you like to write to you, take the reins into your own hands and read the article on what to write to a man when meeting on the Internet.

Image size

How to choose the right distance to photograph? If it is too close, it may turn out to be mistaken, since if only your face will fit on the ave, then it is unlikely that enough men will go to such a profile.

luchshij-rakurs-dlya-foto-po-param-ruThe same researchers of the Internet space noted that users achieve the best effect of perception with the help of a photograph of half a person’s height – it usually shows the face and figure well. This is a common standard and in the head of the one who looks through the questionnaires, a woman with such a photo automatically becomes attractive in the category.


It is difficult to add anything here, because if you are a girl, then from childhood you should have learned with mother’s milk what men love with their eyes.

And what and how you are dressed will directly depend on how many men will write to you and like your photos on the dating site . However, you should not run ahead of the train here: too nude images in a bikini on the beach excite only the sexual fantasies of men. If you have a beautiful body, you can show it in a more decorous format: you can appear before humanity in some pretty dress.


Various women’s accessories, which also attract the attention of men, will help to brighten up your look and intrigue: a stylish hat, interesting shoes, a funny umbrella, bright beads, a small chain around the leg, a scarf, a handkerchief …

The more varied and rich your photos are, the more they will attract men. Read also an extended article on how to meet a rich man , from which you will learn about many of the wisdom that you need to know in order to understand the psychology of a wealthy man.


Today, many men like elegant tattoos, so you can decorate your body this way too.

But here you should not go too far – a small glamorous tattoo somewhere on the leg, back or arm looks best. If you are painted all over from head to toe, it can only push you away.

The background

Skillfully choosing the background for your pictures is not an easy task. It is worth warning right away that taking pictures in the kitchen or in a small and very cramped room with gray wallpaper and grandmother’s sovdep carpet on the wall will be bad form.

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Photo of a man on the site

What should be a man’s photo on dating in order to be treated with interest and respect by a visitor of a dating site ?

If you can, post the photo you are smiling in. A smile disposes. A smiling person is trusted.

ulybayushhijsya-muzhchina-vsegda-privlekaet-bolshe-vnimaniya-u-zhenshhin-na-sajte-znakomstv-po-param-ruYour smile will show women that you are not a wolf or bite. And you can communicate. By the way, we recommend that you read the article on how to start communicating on the Internet with a girl.


Women, unlike men, study very carefully what you are wearing . A careless greasy T-shirt can forever leave in the memory of a woman your image of a sloppy and uncultured person.

muzhchina-v-elegantnoj-odezhde-privlekaet-bolshe-zhenskogo-vnimaniya-na-sajte-znakomstv-po-param-ruTherefore, do not be lazy and take pictures in clean clothes . It doesn’t have to be a suit. Women really like the home looks of men in nice-colored sweaters, pullovers, tracksuits.

Background and foreground

There should be no foreign objects in the background and foreground. You should not expose your photo cut from a group photo, where you may have a part of someone else’s arm or leg. A normal woman has a negative attitude towards such photographs. There should be nothing in the background that would say negatively about you.

It is better to choose a special background – colorful photos are obtained in nature, on vacation. A photo of a car in front of which you are standing will also not be anything remarkable for a normal person, as it will show that you are showing off your technique. Although, if you want to attract a selfish girl who will bite your money, then this technique can be used. However, it is not suitable for finding a worthy life partner. After all, you are looking for someone who will be with you not only in joy, but also in sorrow …

In conclusion, I would like to say that the right photo is the key to your success on a dating site .

Common mistakes

Here are some of the most common mistakes that dating site visitors make that you should do your best to avoid if you want to find love and be happy!

Profile photo

Your profile can be as attractive as you want, but this kind is not considered acceptable in the social world of the Internet. This image seems arrogant and shows that the person is overly immersed in himself and is engaged in narcissism.

Photo with sunglasses

Such an ava shows that you are hiding your eyes, which is not a good idea to get to know each other.

Photo in someone else’s unusual clothes

For example, if you have been wearing a T-shirt all your life, but for ava you decided to put on a suit that is beyond your shoulders. Nothing good will come of this – believe me, it is much better if you look natural and at ease in the photo. Even if it is a regular T-shirt.

Too much Photoshop

Some people, primarily those who are afraid of their appearance or are ashamed of it, prefer to retouch and adjust the avatar using editor programs such as Photoshop and others. Of course, you can remove the negative effects of “red eyes” a little with the help of the editor, but changing the shape of the nose, eyes, complexion, breast size, etc. is not the best idea for a photo on a dating site . Be aware that Photoshop is easily recognized and when it is recognized, the attitude towards you immediately deteriorates.

Poor quality photo

A low resolution photo taken with a mobile phone or smartphone may appear blurry when zoomed in.

Semi-nude photo

This applies to those who cannot boast of a beautiful body.

Photo with another person

In addition to the child next to you, all other photos in companies or groups will distract from your personality. If you are a woman and post a photo with your girlfriend or girlfriends, then you can contribute to the fact that they are not interested in you, but in them. The same goes for men.