Remote love: how to keep a relationship at a distance with the help of technology

By Garry

In order not to distance themselves from each other and to be constantly in touch, the couple used different software, devices and Internet services. Unfortunately, during the quarantine period, many cannot be close to loved ones, the life hacks of our heroes will help such people keep in touch and more comfortably survive the forced separation.

If you decide to maintain a long-distance relationship, be prepared for the format of your online communication to change. All posts, photos and videos are a kind of blog that you keep for one person. Within the framework of this blog, you need to talk about everything that happens to you.

It is important here to give as much detail as possible: what you were doing today, with whom you talked, what you saw, what you liked, what upset you. It is important that a person who is far away could better understand you and feel how you live.


Do not use the same messenger to correspond with colleagues, clients, and your significant other. Sooner or later, this will inadvertently create unnecessary stress.

Imagine: you have dozens of work correspondences in Telegram, you are online almost all day long and answer important messages, and personal correspondence fades into the background. Sometimes messages from loved ones hang unanswered for several hours.

Feelings aside, this situation seems normal: personal life should not interfere with work. But in the eyes of a partner, everything looks a little different. Basically, he watches you sit online for hours and ignore his messages. Even the most understanding person will sooner or later become offended and lonely.

A separate messenger eliminates unnecessary negativity. When you enter it, you make it clear: “I am online just for you.” Choose the messenger in which you and your partner have the least number of active contacts.

It can be a popular messenger from another country, which very few people use here, or a messenger that everyone has forgotten to transfer to WhatsApp and Telegram. For example, ICQ – check it out, it went through a redesign and is pretty awesome.

Voice messages

Voices from colleagues and friends annoy many, but with a loved one everything is different. When there is no opportunity to meet live, it is pleasant to hear each other’s voices.

Video communication

Seeing each other is very important, so try to make regular video calls. You don’t have to sit in front of your laptop for hours every day and have long conversations. A Skype or Zoom call creates the illusion that you are spending the evening at home like a normal couple.

You can cook dinner, and then at the same time eat it in front of the camera and chat, or go about your own business, periodically exchanging phrases. All this time, it will seem that the loved one is really in the room.

Sometimes we didn’t turn off Skype when we went to bed. It is very pleasant, it seems that you really fall asleep next to your loved one, you hear his breathing and how he tosses and turns in a dream.

Watch together

In their free time, almost all couples watch movies and TV shows. Organizing a joint viewing remotely is also not a problem. Unfortunately, hugging and covering with one blanket will not work, but you can still achieve the effect of presence.

The simplest solution is to call on Skype and play a movie at the same time. It’s easy but inconvenient. It’s almost impossible to start a video in sync, and as you watch it, the out-of-sync will only increase as you pause the movie to discuss a moment or step away for a while.

The film is paused, discussing the moment. The guys are advised to watch movies in Syncplay . It is a desktop sharing program. You create a common room, run the same files on both computers, and the program synchronizes the timing and pauses via the server.

The service has a built-in chat, messages pop up at the top of the screen, so you can comment on the movie as you go. By the way, about the comments. Calling is still useful for them. You can start a video call on smartphones or laptops to laugh together at funny moments and be afraid at scary ones.

To synchronously watch videos from YouTube, web services come in handy, for example, Gaze or Togethr TV . They work on the same principle as Syncplay, only to launch you need not a file, but a link to the video.

Play together

There is now a huge selection of multiplayer games for PC, consoles or smartphones. Even if you are not gamers, you should take a closer look at these products and choose something that is interesting to both.

The game has a cool opportunity to interact with each other and do things together: build a house, make bullets, hunt a deer and cook it. Seeing each other’s characters and being next to each other in the virtual world is a very interesting practice.

A cool topic for torn couples is survival or sandbox games. When you try to survive together, it brings you closer together. It is also ideal to have fun during a pandemic.

For example, I recommend 7 Days To Die and Don’t Starve – great co-op survival with a lot of variety. And of course, Minecraft. If you haven’t played yet, try building your own world there.

Private live streams with link access can be done via YouTube. But there is one catch: you need to carefully monitor the music in the background, otherwise the broadcast will be banned due to copyright infringement.

For game streams, Twitch is suitable , but it will not be possible to retire there comfortably, since all broadcasts of the service are public.

You can start streams in almost one click through Geeforce Experience (for owners of Nvidia video cards) or through Stream labs OBS.