Reasons why dating is so hard to meet

By Garry

Already for a long time it is no secret to anyone about the existence of a huge number of different dating sites on the vast Internet. Moreover, the topics of these sites can be completely different and the goals of these sites can sometimes be absolutely opposite. So, if on one site you are offered to find your soul mate in order to live with her, grow old and die in one day, then on another site you can find yourself a girl for one night, without obligations, and sometimes even without real names. and if you’re lucky, even free. So why is it getting harder and harder on dating sites to meet a girl with whom it is possible to build a real relationship, even considering the fact that the number of different dating sites and apps is growing every year?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question, especially in the modern world. And here it’s all about the Internet itself. Or rather, more and more people begin to experiment in it, try something new, try to make money, appear as someone else, and some, and vice versa, show their real essence. Various sites began to appear for communication, viewing photos and videos, listening to music. Messengers began to spread, allowing you to communicate with the interlocutor almost without delay, a variety of file sharing services and forums appeared that collect people from certain circles of people.

At the same time, dating sites began to appear. The essence of a dating site is pretty simple. A person creates his profile on it, indicates his first and last name. Makes a short description about himself, what city he lives in, what he does, where he studies or works, what he likes to do in his free time. Indicates who is looking for, for what purposes, may be desired preferences.


And yet, why on dating sites, with such an abundance and variety of them, has it become almost impossible to find a soul mate? Of course, on the Internet, you can find a huge number of reviews that people met through a similar site and have been married and love each other for five / six / eight / ten years. And that may very well be true. But in such reviews, the key point is precisely that they met there more than five to ten years ago. As the practice of some regulars of such sites shows, and there really are such sites and have been on some sites for more than 10 years (apparently they really have everything bad in life), now the percentage of girls and guys registered on sites and in dating applications has changed dramatically and dramatically … So, if in 2006-2010 there were about 35-45% guys, now there are more than 60% of them. And the competition is growing accordingly.


The second big problem, besides the change in the percentage, was the fact that girls are registering on sites for no reason. Of course, they understand everything, they want to find there a prince in a white Mercedes who will take them to the land of dreams and fantasies about the longest eyelashes and beautiful nails, and some Vasya Pupkin, a welder from the factory, knocks on their friends.

But no matter how comical this situation may look, for the most part it happens that way. After watching beautiful films about love, and after rereading all the books about shades of gray, the girls live in dreams of a rich guy who will fly by helicopter to their backwoods and take him to his large mansion on the seashore. And accordingly, if sometime soon, you will be seen on a dating site so rich, then of course you cannot start dating some ordinary guy from the next yard who fell in love with you at first sight and composes poetry for you. So the poor girls sit, waiting for a picture of some Brad Pitt to like them.


This is a fairly simple and common problem on modern websites, affecting both men and women. Imagine you are the average person deciding to create a page on a dating site. Write your first and last name, indicate the city and date of birth, give a description of what you do and what you like. Let’s even suppose that you are very smart, kind, erudite, love classical music, and generally the most enviable groom / bride. Great, the next step is to add a photo, and here it is a profile that no one will remain indifferent to.