Photos in the profile on a dating site: 10 rules for girls

By Garry

You carefully filled out your profile on the dating site, came up with original answers to the profile questionnaire, avoided platitudes … So why is your mailbox not filled with answers from those wishing to meet?One key element is missing from your profile: the perfect photo. No matter how trite, but appearance really plays a big role in the search for a life partner. When men on dating sites are faced with a huge number of profiles, they have only a few seconds to subconsciously decide whether they like the girl’s appearance or not. Therefore, your cover photo should be perfect.

We’ve compiled a list of common mistakes and some signs of a successful profile picture.

1. Fuzzy or poor quality photos

The first and most important rule: any photograph where it is impossible to properly see a person is not good. The reasons can be different – the photo is out of focus, the resolution is too low, the flash is blown, or the size is very small. But in any case, try to avoid low-quality photos that will negate all your efforts to find a worthy life partner. If there are no high-quality images in your album, then you should turn to the services of a professional photographer and take some pictures in the studio or against the background of wildlife.

2. Selfie

Selfies are fine for your Facebook page or chatting with friends on a vibe, but this is not the best option for a profile on a dating site. If all of your photos are taken in front of the bathroom mirror, then people may think that you live bored and don’t go out. In addition, it is difficult to get the optimal angle with this shot – the face may appear unnaturally elongated or distorted. Again, you rarely get decent quality selfies. If there is no one to photograph you, then set a timer on your smartphone camera or camera and compose the frame in advance. Then take some pictures and choose the best one.


3. More clothes

For some reason, some girls think that a photo with a minimum of clothes will give them a better chance of success. At the same time, they come to the dating site in order to find a serious relationship and are very indignant when they receive obscene offers during correspondence with men. Remember – swimwear and underwear are best left for the beach and bedroom. But in the title photo, you should be dressed modestly but tastefully. Men love a riddle in a woman, they can constantly return their thoughts to a photo of a beautiful stranger in a closed dress, imagining what can be hidden under clothes. Therefore, no deep neckline, high cuts and miniskirts.

4. Facial expression

Photos where you look stern, aggressive, or unhappy are obvious failures. You should not show your not the best sides to those with whom you did not even have time to get to know. Men are attracted to happy, cheerful and friendly women. Therefore, pay close attention to the facial expression in the photo and do not take pictures in a bad mood.

And smile! Yes, we know … You don’t like smiling in photos. But you know what? This is the most attractive in people – both in real life and in the photo. Note that most of the profile pictures on dating sites show us smiling people. Or at least they look content and happy. And if you don’t like showing your teeth, find a smile that works for you – smile with your eyes or follow the example of La Gioconda.

5. Photos with someone else

You and only you should appear in your profile picture: not ex-husbands / boyfriends, not best friends, not children or parents, not random acquaintances from the bar. You should not show part of your life even before you start dating. You will tell your potential life partner about all the details of interest later, when you yourself decide that the moment has come. In the meantime, your task is to present yourself in a favorable light, and photos with someone else, distracting attention from you, are not suitable for this.

And, no, you can’t just crop someone in the photo in the hope that no one will notice. People notice … and it makes you feel like you’re trying to hide something.

6. Naturalness and truthfulness

Let your profile picture showcase you for who you are in life. If in life you do not paint brightly and defiantly, you should not do catchy makeup with black smoky eyes and red lips for a photo in your profile. Take pictures in clothes that are comfortable for you and that you are used to wearing. Do not play a role, in further communication you will still have to show yourself for real, and if the difference with the profile photo is striking, then the interlocutor may doubt your honesty and other aspects of life.

Also, do not use a photograph that was taken when you were younger or slimmer. You want to create a sense of honesty and openness in your profile, as well as provide site users with an accurate picture of yourself.


7. Successful background

There will be other details besides you, so think about the background. Everyone is tired of making fun of the photo against the background of carpets, but really, a background that is too colorful and distracting will not play in your favor. There should be no clutter and unnecessary things in the background, as well as other people. By the way, you can consider using the details in the photo to attract potential life mates. For example, it can be your bike and maybe there are people who are fond of cycling, and you will strike up a conversation about this topic. Also, your snapshot against an exotic backdrop may inspire someone to ask you about your adventures.

8. Find your best angle

Double chin? Ugly hairline? Big ears? Do not worry! All this is corrected by finding the right angle. The internet is full of tips on how to take the best photo of your face. Therefore, before creating a picture, spend 15 minutes studying the features of your appearance and thinking about what you want to be hidden and what to emphasize. If you have any problems with the angle, you can always turn to a photographer specializing in portraits.

9. Choosing a pose

Never take a photo in front of your bed, or even worse – lying on this very bed / sofa. You may think that in this way you will add sexuality to yourself, in fact it looks vulgar and ridiculous. Don’t waste your precious time on perverts and lovers of non-binding relationships. Better fewer men, but more serious. It is better to be photographed sitting in some natural position or standing. Lying can only be photographed on the grass or the beach.


10. No photos with animals

Yes, many of us love cats or cute dogs, but even if you have a mini-nursery at home, you should not show your pets in the photo. What if the man of your dreams hates dogs because he was bitten by a mongrel as a child? Or is he allergic to cats? Better not to risk it.

We hope you take our advice and set the best avatar on your Meets.com profile. We wish you good luck and more pleasant acquaintances!