Over the abyss in … lies, or Where to start online dating

By Garry


Scammers often hide behind other people’s names and photos. An elementary way to check where an image was first published is to upload it to one of the search engines. In the same way, you can “punch” a person by full name. You should also learn useful information in the course of correspondence. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and double-check any suspicious information.

Pay attention to the manner of virtual communication of your interlocutor. Often scammers conduct numerous correspondence, so they address the partner anonymously, avoiding names such as “bunny”, “pussy”,” baby ” and the like.

Pay attention to the manner of virtual communication of your interlocutor. Often scammers conduct numerous correspondence, so they address the partner anonymously, avoiding names such as “bunny”, “pussy”,” baby ” and the like.

Never, under any circumstances, share intimate photos with strangers. This will help you avoid blackmail.


According to an international company specializing in the development of protection systems against computer viruses, spam, hacker attacks and other cyber threats, the average age of dating site users is 33.8 years. 63 % of those who search for love online work full-time. Most of them are men. 51 % of online dating regulars admit to using a work computer, but they understand that they may be putting sensitive corporate data at risk.

A quarter of respondents admit that they publicly disclose their full name in a dating profile. Every tenth person is ready to share their home address and intimate photos.

57 % hide their true names, marital status, and appearance.

63 % worry that the device they use for online dating will get infected.

61 % think that their data will be stolen. These concerns are well-founded.

55 % have experienced some kind of threat or problem while dating online. People who use online dating services are twice as likely to encounter IT security incidents as those who don’t. This is due to their increased level of online activity in general.

Only 27 % use a security solution for their device, and 16 % do nothing at all, because they do not see the risk

Desperate people go to dating sites to find a couple. Those who have not managed to build relationships in reality or are too busy to spend time trying to establish a personal life. Most users spend their time on such dating sites out of boredom or in search of new experiences. Many of them are married people. They usually have an active correspondence, but avoid meeting in reality or offer to communicate in private places.

So to really find a long-term relationship, be prepared to work hard. It is possible that you will have to communicate and correspond with several people, meet in reality, and often say “no”. This is the most difficult part. The situation is stressful. Online, everyone uses masks, screens, hides behind fake names. Many people are disappointed after a bad first date and say that there are no normal people on the Internet. I advise you to approach this experience as a job search. After all, out of the sea of vacancies, you will personally be interested in a couple of three. The employer also selects according to its own criteria. So, if you meet a person who is ready for anything on the Network, be wary.

In order to avoid a negative experience in finding a life partner, act with a cool head – clearly define the purpose of dating and try to move from the virtual space to the real world as quickly as possible. When you see a person, you can trust your intuition, feelings, and impressions. In reality, it is easier to recognize deception. Make appointments in decent, crowded places. It doesn’t have to be a cafe. Go to an exhibition or theater to see what your partner is interested in.

The most important thing is not to get involved. The illusion of accessibility is bad. It seems to you that the choice of partner is huge, but this is an imaginary hope. Do not forget that there is an alternative to online dating! Despite the fact that the employment and economic depression of residents of megacities do not allow them to actively spend time at cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, and creative evenings have not been canceled. A good place for dating – communities based on personal or professional interests, just like conferences, seminars, workshops, and any training projects. Live communication, unlike virtual communication, requires more self-confidence, the ability to communicate and establish contacts, so dating sites can be considered as platforms for training and developing the necessary skills.