Online dating for spouses

By Garry

In the life of most people, there comes a moment when they sign the very document that turns a man and a woman with different surnames into one family. Now you are already officially sleeping with each other. One of the quirks of social life, after which grandmothers, on the benches, have one less reason to throw judgmental glances at you.

But every couple has a moment when marriage turns from a happy fairy tale into a routine or even a torment. Someone is ready to lay down their hands after a year of living together from obsessive responsibility and many responsibilities, someone is tired of the life of endless washing and falling asleep at 22.00 after 2-3 years, and someone becomes a test of the appearance of children. All these lack of attention, sleep deprivation, nervous breakdowns, curlers and family panties …

Online dating for spouses is one of the ways to put things in order in their moral and sexual life. This seemingly strange idea is quite modern, intriguing, and most importantly – effective.

Remember! If you decide on such a not so big step, you are by no means eccentric! You are making a small but important contribution to the great future of your marriage!

With the prelude finished, and now Instructions for organizing romantic meetings on the network

Gently present this idea to your soul mate: let it be an offbeat weekend adventure, part of an RPG, or a way to unwind.

Dedicate a whole day to this date. And it is better to start preparation in a few days.
dating online for spouses


A few days before the “first meeting”, accidentally meet on the net. It is better to let it not be a social network, where each other’s pages are well known, but a dating site where you can easily find a partner by photo and general data. Naturally, first you need to register on one of these sites!

Start dating naturally and at ease. Do not use banal “rolling” phrases, which most people irritate to madness: “Your smile can drive anyone crazy”, or “Does your mother need a son-in-law?” Just pick a good, well-aimed compliment, joke or question based on the photo of your account or the specified information.

It’s good if the acquaintance is a funny mixture of light flirting and humor. Here is an example of online dating from life.

The girl’s profile on the dating site indicated in her personal information that she was looking for a handsome, smart, with a sense of humor.

He : “Handsome, smart, with a sense of humor … Are you looking for three at once?”

She : “And as you guessed”

He : “I guess I fall into the second category”

She : “You don’t seem to have any problems with the first one either.”

He : “I’m sorry, but now you are a little confused with the roles: I should say compliments, and you should be a little embarrassed.”

Communication: how to present yourself?

Having passed the stage of introducing each other, you can add a little romance, compliments and interview questions – it’s time to get to know the interlocutor deeper.

Important! Names, general information, and physical appearance should not be radically changed – you are not playing a sex game. The purpose of an online date is to remember important things. What made you a family in the end!

During the routine of everyday life and life’s troubles, you simply forgot that your wife was once fond of painting, and your husband loves jogging in the morning, and there were also funny jokes about who was like in childhood, original author’s photos, jokes on holidays, sweets under the pillow on Nicholas Day.

When communicating online, ask questions as if you are getting to know a person for the first time – this is the only way “the spell will work”, and you will be able to understand at what stage and what exactly was missed in your life together!

Flirt tactfully, marvel at tastes, preferences, personality traits, and hobbies. Emphasize what you like, feel free to carefully mark what you disagree with, or what concepts are foreign to you. Maintain a fine thread of intrigue, anticipation, sexual tension and fantasy.

Returning from work, or just another room, pretend that nothing happened.

But remember, do not be distracted by parallel communication with other inhabitants of the dating site. You must reignite dying family relationships, not sideways!

Date invitation.

After a while, the man must invite the interlocutor to a real meeting. And let everything look real. Just as it happened a few years ago, when he persuaded his future wife to go on a first date with him.

Turning an online date into an offline date.

Put on your best clothes, get a new hairstyle, women get your makeup. Be super attractive internally and externally!

Warmed up by new knowledge of each other, fresh emotions and impressions, go to a real meeting, where you continue to play unfamiliar people, as you once did on a real first date!

Just don’t drag out the game. Take a room in a good hotel or in the hotel where you had the opportunity to spend the night together a long time ago.

If you decide on this small step, then you are not just roommates, but a really real family, not afraid to experiment in the pursuit of happiness.

Wake up the adventurers in you. It’s boring to live – boring ! Thus, you will restore, revive the colors of family relations, make yourself, your loved ones, colleagues and friends happy, because a happy person can be seen a mile away! And even more so a happy family!