Online dating etiquette: until what goodbye can you not change your “in active search” status?

By Garry

Do you need to remove a guy from your friends after breaking up or not? When can you put a joint photo on an avatar and is it worth doing it at all?

A few years ago, such questions might have seemed strange, to put it mildly, but now they are of real interest.

Online dating etiquette: until what goodbye can you not change your status “in active search” ?, photo

Let’s be honest – we create profiles on Instagram, Vk, Facebook and other social networks to show off our wonderful life:

  • Have you been to the sea? You need to post a photo as soon as possible and enjoy a portion of likes and enthusiastic comments.
  • Have a lot of friends come to celebrate your birthday? You need to write down a story and show all subscribers that you had a great time
  • Have you started dating an enviable guy? Need … What needs to be done?

It is not customary to put personal life on display, but many couples forget about it, showing the world photo reports about joint breakfasts, walks, trips.

How else to show the whole world that you are a happy and beloved woman?

It’s time to find out the special rules of etiquette, which will come in handy when meeting a man on the Internet, during a relationship, and even when parting.

Safety first

Let’s start with security, because a pervert or an Internet troll can write to you from the page of a young handsome man.

Deception, false hopes or even blackmail – this is how communication with such individuals can end.

Therefore, do not be naive and follow the following rules.

Do not rush to give your address, phone number or email

You will not tell the first person you meet about where you live and how to call you?

Scammers often pretend to be boyfriends and, during a sweet conversation, try to find out your credit card information, phone number, and even your mother’s maiden name.

Pay attention to these questions and don’t share personal information with someone you don’t know well.

Be careful on the first date.

Did you meet on the Internet and now he wants to meet? For your first date, try to find a crowded place and make an appointment during the day.

Warn a friend or family member of where and with whom you are going to hang out. All this is done for your safety. The first date will allow you to get to know the person better, and then you yourself decide whether to get closer to him.

Be yourself

Some girls allow themselves frank conversations and vulgar photos in their correspondence, but in life they behave like innocent angels.

Don’t be one of them. The difference in behavior can make a man angry and instead of innocent flirting, he will begin to pester and hint at sex. You took the liberty of sending him a couple of photos from your workouts at the gym? Now he thinks not only about you, but also about your seductive forms.

Time of acquaintance

Online dating has its own unique rules of etiquette. Don’t want to look stupid? Then remember the following.

Are you embarrassed to write? Start with Likes!

Likes on social media can be compared to winking or smiling while flirting. Behave in exactly the same way as when meeting in real life.

You can go up to the guy and say head-on: “Hello, let’s get acquainted!”

This advice will not work only if you are interested in a popular guy, whose photos receive dozens or even hundreds of likes every day.

Don’t overdo it with emoji

Emoticons and parentheses add emotion to emails and are definitely worth using. But how often?

Imagine a woman who laughs uncontrollably all the time and changes her expression every 5 seconds. A similar picture emerges in a man’s imagination at the sight of a forest of brackets and dozens of emojis.

Why write: “Hello, how are you? :)))))” if you can write: “Hello, how are you?” and add a winking smiley at the end? Stick to the sweet spot and be elegant in your emoji use. One or two brackets and emoticons are enough to express any of your emotions.

Know how to communicate without social networks

Sooner or later you will have to meet. This will be a new experience, because before that your communication was in a comfortable text format.

It’s not strange if, during awkward pauses, you are pulled back to the phone.

Online dating etiquette: until what goodbye can you not change your status “in active search” ?, photo

Show your man a couple of funny photos on your phone. Think back to the beginning of your communication. Ask him what his first impression was. You have so many interesting topics for conversation!

In relationship

The acquaintance was successful, now you are meeting and it’s time to announce it on your page!

Don’t rush to change your status

The words “actively seeking” simply scream that you want to end loneliness. But is it worth changing it right after the first date?

Our advice is not to rush, but first put all the points in real life. A man should find out that you are dating or love each other from you personally, and not from your status on Vkontakte.

You can hide your status during the “indefinite” period until the boyfriend introduces you to his friends as his girlfriend.

Don’t go overboard with shared photos.

Some couples get so close that they create a common profile for two and publish only joint photos there. Is it good or bad?


The husband sees in you not a beautiful and sexy woman, but a loved one. Hence the disappearance of sex and romance in relationships. Do you want to be interesting? Be a person.

As with emoji, stick to the middle ground. Alternate between personal and shared photos. Remember – you are part of the family, but not the family itself.

Do not post intimate information

Personal life is called personal for a reason. You can share photos of going to the movies or sitting in a cafe, but joint photos from bed or hints of a “stormy” night will be inappropriate.

Such content is like a free tour of your bedroom. This also applies to quarrels. Don’t complain about a man on social media or talk about how awful selfish he is. Let everyone think he’s perfect. Deal with the guy personally with everything else.


This moment becomes even more tragic when you pick up your phone and log into your social networks. Control yourself, we will show you what to do.

Take your time to delete everything

Sometimes it seems that the relationship is over, but after a week you make peace and love each other again. It’s a pity if you, in a fit of anger, delete all your joint photos or have time to tell everyone about the painful breakup.

If this happens several times, everyone will only make fun of your suffering. Do you really want this kind of result?

It is best to wait a few weeks from the moment of separation and put an end to a personal conversation with a man. Only then can you start cleaning up your photo albums and removing the guy from your friends.

Don’t turn a breakup into a show

Sad publications, stories with your tear-stained face and statements that all men are goats. All this will only show your weakness.

Imagine that a guy dumped you and went to a nearby park to flood passers-by with tears and tell them your sad story. This is what your social media behavior looks like. Don’t show your weakness or ask for pity. It is better to endure the difficult period with dignity and let everyone know that you are a persistent woman.

Don’t follow your ex

This is the worst thing you can do after breaking up. Do you like to comb the wound? Then she will not heal soon.

The downsides of spying on an ex are obvious. First, you will not be able to completely let go of the past and harm your future.

Second, your ex may notice this and will greet you with a smug, “I know you’re after me” grin.

Block his page, remove him from friends and forget about the existence of his profile. You’ll have to endure, but after a couple of weeks, you don’t even remember that crazy desire to come in and see how your ex-man is doing.