How to translate online relationships into reality

By Garry

Today people get to know each other on the Internet no less often than through mutual acquaintances. But sooner or later the time comes to meet live. How to understand when it’s time to transform virtual relationships into real ones, and what should be the first date? Psychologist Liesel Sharabi is about this.

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When It’s Time to Be Offline: 5 Tips for Online Dating
Dating services are at their peak. Here you can meet an interesting person and communicate with him, but real dates take place live. And the success of a new relationship largely depends on what happens at the first meeting.

Be prepared for disappointment

When they first meet, virtual acquaintances often seem less attractive to each other than they expected. This was confirmed by a study I conducted with colleagues at the University of Illinois.

People tend to idealize a potential partner. They make guesses based on information in their profile. But these data do not always correspond to reality. But don’t let that stop you from continuing your acquaintance.

Do not delay communication online

Another surefire way to create unrealistic expectations is to spend too much time to get to know each other better. It is not uncommon for people to have intimate conversations on the Internet for several months, but in the real world, chemistry does not arise between them.

It is optimal to display relationships offline in 2-3 weeks after virtual acquaintance. At this point, it becomes clear whether it is worth continuing to communicate.

When It’s Time to Be Offline: 5 Tips for Online Datin

Be honest

Anonymity on the Internet has to embellish some details or keep silent about something. Try treating your dating profile as a contract. Keep the information about you positive but realistic.

Don’t jump to conclusions

Many people use online dating to find the perfect partner. But they themselves do not know for sure which of the qualities they have listed will be attractive when meeting with a real person.

For example, with a spontaneous acquaintance on transport or at a party, you will not measure a person’s height. But in your profile, write: not lower than 180 cm. Understand which traits are really important to you, and which ones do not really matter.

On the first date, go to a bar.

Physical anthropologist Helen Fisher believes that a cocktail is enough on a first date. This way you will not waste a lot of time and money and take a closer look at each other. Millennials consider an invitation to dinner at a restaurant to be something out of date. Keep it simple on the first date and save money for the second.

The Internet has made communication convenient and easy, but you should not get carried away with virtuality. Only live communication will show whether a potential partner has a chance to become real.