How to Create a Good Profile on a Dating Site?

By Garry

After registering on a dating site, many wonder how to fill out and what to write in a profile on a dating site. Remember – your profile is like an advertisement.

And for it to be really effective, everything must be well thought out in order to immediately hit the very heart. Most men and women have no idea how to create a profile that would attract the attention of the opposite sex. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect profile.

Your profile should evoke emotion

Instead of writing “I love traveling and visiting new places,” try writing this: “Travel is my passion. Every time I travel to a new country, I learn something new about myself and value my life more and more. When I was in Egypt I was very fascinated by the pyramids of Giza. I not only saw part of the story, but also felt it. ”

This way of writing is bound to evoke emotions in the reader. When you write about your travels in the form of a story, he can imagine your entire trip, mentally taking it with you. Listing your trips as a list will generate little or no interest. Remember that you are filling out your profile for someone unfamiliar in order to interest him.

According to mom’s best friend

Do not write on your profile that “my friends think I am a good person.” You cannot convince anyone that you are great by writing that your friends just think so. This information will not give her anything. Nobody knows your friends or who they are. For this reason, it is best to write about your hobbies and interests.

It is better to see once than hear a hundred times

Do not write on your profile that you are funny – rather, show that you are really funny. A sense of humor is very valuable for any interlocutor.

A man should make the woman reading your profile laugh so that she feels like you are already flirting with her.

Women, on the other hand, should not overdo it in humor. It should be light and relaxed, otherwise the opposite sex may form the opinion that you are a little “that” …


Never write in your online profile how successful you are in your professional life. Everyone hates bragging rights. However, everyone loves the self-confident. Instead of bragging, you can write something like, “I worked very hard to become who I am now. I didn’t always succeed and it wasn’t easy, but I never gave up. For me, being a successful person means freedom and a lot of free time. .. which I would like to spend with you. ” Modest and romantic – isn’t it?

Your profile photo should be clear, close and up-to-date. For example, eyes are very important for women. For this reason, the photo should not include sunglasses. It’s also helpful to add an image of the entire figure so that you might not disappoint the stranger on the first date .

Photography is a very important part of an entire profile, and it can attract hundreds of women or men. Also, your photograph should evoke emotion. Do not post photos of yourself with friends or a beer in your hand. Your portrait should reflect your interests – other than drinking alcohol.

Opponents want to know that you are a fun and outgoing person and that they will not be bored with you. Choosing a photo of a bike ride will give you a more complete picture of you as a person. Therefore, try to choose photos that show you in different life situations, for example, one photo from your work, one from a walk or while playing football, and another with your dog.

Your profile pictures should show different sides of your personality and who you are in life now. However, you should not publish photos from 10 years ago – it is important who you are now.

Truth and nothing but the truth

Write the truth in your profile! No relationship or even internet dating should start with a lie. The more truthful information about you is in your profile, the easier it will be for the interlocutor to decide to write to you. With this information, your new friend will simply know what to talk to you about. If you lie, a person will find out about it sooner or later. And this moment will definitely be the end of your relationship.