Cliche phrases to avoid when dating online

By Garry

Although dating on the Internet has existed for a long time, many continue to make the same mistakes when filling out the questionnaire on such sites. And by doing so, they deprive themselves of the chances of success. What is this cliché?

Hi, I don’t know anything about online dating …

Yes, many at first shy away, because there are many different biases about romantic dating on the Internet. But don’t advertise your insecurity like that. If you really decided to use such a service for the first time in your life, it is better to write in your profile: “I have just registered and will be glad to meet new people.” This phrase allows you to demonstrate self-confidence, high self-esteem. This will help attract people with similar qualities.

Impress me!

What do these words say to those who leaf through your profile? Only that its owner is sitting relaxed and waiting for the next offers from potential partners. It is unlikely that anyone would want to take part in this “casting”, because all kinds of contests are already enough in real life. And if you want to take part in such an event, then it is better to “impress” a potential employer at an interview than an unfamiliar subject on the Web. It’s much better to try and impress potential partners yourself, at least with your page. How to do it? Very simple. Any information can be played up and presented in an original way, if you connect your imagination. If you want to talk about your profession, write, for example, like this:

  • I am a teacher, I bring the light of knowledge to the youth masses (if you are a teacher);
  • I am a designer, I decorate life” (if you are engaged in interior design);
  • saving people from the fire” (if a fireman), etc.

Do not believe in love

Then why, one wonders, are you sitting at the computer and leafing through the profiles of these men (or women)? In this case, it’s time to go to the monastery and lead a reclusive lifestyle for the rest of your days. This phrase is translated into ordinary language something like this: “I am a person who has had a lot of failures in love. Now I am looking for a sacrifice that would help me recover, since there is no desire to invest my own efforts in my mental well-being.” In general, those who decide to go in search of their beloved on the Internet are advised to position themselves on the positive side. Research shows that one of the most annoying things about surveys is negativity. In one survey, 45% of respondents said sad profile phrases would stop them from starting a conversation.

For comparison, here are a few more examples that repel visitors to the questionnaire: 54% will not communicate with those who demonstrate narcissism in their profile; 52% hate illiterately filled pages; 44% of the respondents will never get acquainted with those who use template phrases; and, finally, 42% will refrain from communicating with people who demonstrate overt sensuality on the sites.

Since I am Leo (Scorpio, Taurus …), then …

It is better not to advertise your passion for horoscopes or the occult at the initial stages of acquaintance. After all, the data on astrological correspondences are too generalized. A potential partner may think that if you are a Leo, then you will certainly demonstrate narcissism and selfishness in a relationship; if Libra is constantly in doubt, and so on. The same goes for religious or political views. In principle, such things are not recommended to be discussed with unfamiliar people. As far as dating sites are concerned, this is even less the place to go on about it. If religion, politics, or a particular worldview is an important part of your life, you can talk about it on a date.

I like to laugh

Trivial, such a light has never seen. Of course you love to laugh. Everyone loves to laugh. To attract a potential partner, it is much better to write something about yourself that will distinguish your profile from other candidates. Add some peppercorns, personality to her. And there, look, and adequate offers of acquaintance will begin to arrive.