5 tips to improve your online dating

By Garry

5 tips to improve your online dating

In two years, 26,712 users came to her page in the mobile application for finding partners. 21 357 people liked it. Ina Beyer met around fifteen. “There was not one among them with whom to start a relationship,” – sums up the 29-year-old journalist from Leipzig.

Ina decided to create a profile in a mobile application for online dating after gatherings in a student apartment with two more classmates. The result of this was to be a joint course work “On a date in 100 days – for Valentine’s Day.” In the first few days, many more users came to Ina’s page than she expected. “If I decided to answer all the letters, I would have to sit in the attachment for days,” she laughs.

For every taste

The online dating market has  not stopped growing in recent years . There are about 2,500 online platforms where you can register in search of true love, life partner or sexual partner. In addition to traditional sites and applications, many niche sites have appeared – for every taste and color. Single parent platforms. Portals for thin and fat, tall and small.

The number of mobile applications for finding a partner is growing every year

Interest platforms: spirituality, heavy metal, veganism. Platforms by profession: for doctors, police officers, teachers and butchers (where, according to rumors, you can butcher a pig on a date). Platforms for age difference lovers. And even platforms for prisoners.

At the same time, the number of fake profiles on dating sites increased. Fraudsters who register under false names and post other people’s photos on their pages try to gain confidence and keep the victim on the hook until they can cash in on them, explains Alexandra Langbein, spokeswoman for Singlebörsen-Vergleich , which makes independent ratings of dating sites and applications. In mid-January alone, the Bavarian Consumer Society discovered 187 platforms with a large number of fake profiles.

Every 10th inhabitant of Germany is looking for a partner online

Owners of online partner search services do not have to complain about the lack of demand. The number of German users has grown rapidly over the years. In 2015, their number, according to Singlebörsen-Vergleich, was 118.1 million. However, this figure is not entirely accurate: users of such services usually register on several sites at once. And not everyone deletes their profiles after they stop using them. So if we count only “active users” – that is, those who visit their page at least several times a month – their number will be 8.4 million. In other words, every tenth inhabitant of Germany is looking for a partner.

Every 10th German is looking for his soul mate on a dating site

How successful is your search for a partner on the Internet? According to a survey conducted by the Bitkom Federal Association of Information, Telecommunication and Computer Technologies, 44 percent of the 244 surveyed users of online dating sites managed to find love.

Do you think that your profile on a dating site or on a social network is perfect, but the opposite sex still does not pay attention to you?

It seems that something needs to be changed, or maybe add a new one … Let’s figure it out?

Here are five things to keep in mind when it comes to successful online dating.

1. Information in the column “About me” plays an important role

The dating site Zoosk found that guys who used words like “thoughtful,” “listening,” or “generous” in their descriptions were 66% more likely to receive messages and responses than those who didn’t.

What’s more, a guy who claims to be “the same knight on a white horse” will receive an average of 67% more messages.

Surprisingly, mentioning food will also dramatically increase the number of messages you receive. The growth in activity in this case ranges from 100% to 144%.

2. Don’t be so limited

If you are looking for people only for certain interests or with a certain trait of appearance, you are very limiting yourself.

Typically, these quibbles send more messages, but they answer 11% less than the rest.

Your ideal partner does not have to know all your favorite songs and films, on the contrary, you can devote him to your world of interests and open a real new world to him. Take action!

5 tips to improve your online dating

3. Age is not the main thing

Do not consider only people of your own age, the same Zoosk claims that responses increase by 9% if the age of the interlocutors does not match, up to a difference of 10 years!

4. Offer to have lunch

Dinner and drinks are a thing of the past. Zoosk found that people who mentioned lunch in a conversation received 25% more responses than those who only mentioned dinner.

Isn’t there a reason to be original? The main thing is not to overdo it and not call for breakfast.

5. Don’t wait long before answering.

Oh, how we love to wait longer before answering, giving importance to our person. Zoosk claims that the conversation lasts 62% longer if the conversation goes without pauses or delays.

So don’t be an important person next time, just answer!