Online Date In Your League

If you online date, then date in your league
People need to date IN their league. I once met a girl online who promoted herself ‘athletic and toned’. Said she was a triathlete, and in person I could agree she was a triathlete specializing in sports eating, drinking, and lying. A paraplegic in a coma represented more of an athlete. If I knew her triceps hung down like bat wings then we never would have met, but she posted old pictures of a “person” I would have liked. Date in your league.

Online daters, especially men, email girls out of their league. Women do it as well, but mostly men, cause men are more shallow and women are better people than men. Most men are trying to date an 8 or 9 online, but they should be dating a 4 or 5, maybe a 6 if you get her drunk enough and she forgets about your diabetes belly conveniently photo-shopped from all your pictures.
you look different than your profile
Men want to date the hottest girl they see online. Why? Cause it’s like shopping. When you go to the store you want the best money can buy, but the problem is you don’t have money to buy (what you want). Therefore, you settle for what you can afford, a cheaper version of what you really wanted.
Online dating should be the same as shopping. You see a hot ass online and want to email her, but she’s not in your league. You can’t ‘buy that’, so don’t email her. That girl is beautiful, stunning, and could be dating IronMan Tony Stark. You look like Tony the Tiger.“Heeeee’s Great!”. You’re not. Sure you have pictures from your brothers wedding four years ago when you were buff and tan posing by a boat with a full head of hair, but now you are bald, white as milk, and your body is softer than a 3 month old rotted peach. You are in no shape (literally) to be writing someone as hot as her. This girl would look at you, run the other way, and turn into a lesbian. Don’t give her that trauma. You recently got into karma…didn’t mean to rhyme that by the way.
She’s not in your league. Who’s is? That girl taking self portraits in her bathroom who looks like the space shuttle in a sundress? Write her. Be nice. She may not even want to go out with you when she realizes you have a clubbed foot and a Donald Duck lisp.

You shouldn’t be looking for “athletic and toned” when you should be happy with “alive and breathing”.

Sometimes we have to face the music. 10 years ago you could date an 8,but things have changed. Don’t post old pictures that make you look like Superman on a mountaintop with the sun setting behind you. Instead send her something accurate and realistic, which would be you sitting on a futon petting your cat with a Magnum PI poster on the wall. ANY girl who writes you….that IS your league. If you revert to being honest about yourself and only ONE girl writes you then you aren’t playing in a league, but at least you have a teammate in life.

You ever seen a couple where one was out of the others league? tell me ’bout it…

Lesson: Think to yourself, ‘”would this girl give me her number in person?” If for sure the answer is no, then why you writing her online? The Internet is promoting dishonesty, lack of shame, and all things vacuous towards our interactions with people. Don’t fuel this by being a douche, mitigate it by being honest. Don’t write her online, approach her drunk at a bar like a real man does.