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The Problem With Online Dating – Part 1
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A Voice For Dating

Dating has changed so much and there needs to be a voice that represents what all this means. Some of the changes are great as technology advances make things very efficient, but we've also become disposable and replaceable...and that isn't good juxtaposing what dating was like BEFORE Online Dating. A A lot of this site is just reporting through humor and philosophical insights the changes of human interactions.

Are You A Dating Coach?

Absolutely not, and not even sure I agree with that premise. How can someone help with what we all struggle with? I've had my own journey in life. This site is more observational, philosophical, and humorous about dating. However, I do offer serviceson helping you connect more with yourself and to write a better (funnier and more interesting) dating profile.

What Is the Overall Point Of Online Dating Critic?

Point is to get us laughing about some of the ways we represent ourselves online and to help us be more honest with who we are...at the same time not say what we want others to hear, but to authentically be who we are. The point of the site is to be real about dating while delivering funny insights and direct/blunt personal observations that might help others represent their uniqueness. I say what others are thinking.

Didn't You Write A Book?

Absolutely, and I'm proud of it:) "Pray Your Kids Are Ugly" is philosophical and humorous look at where relationships might be "in the future". Through the humor you'll also see concern for where we are going and how unproductive our kids might become if they grow up in a "selfie world." The next Mozart and Thomas Edison are out there right now, but they are busy on Facebook and online dating to know their potential. There are sample chapters to read for free.

We Gotta Ask Ourselves...

Where are things going to go? I think 50 years from now we will have 2 relationships: virtual and in person. The virtual can be fulfilling enough to be a real relationship even if it doesn't manifest in person. The relationship with your phone is equal to the same one as your TV. We haven't evolved to a new and better place, we have merely replaced the original problem. Though the humor hides the message, it's subtle...the real relationship in life is the one with you. Be you. Own It. The right people will find you.

Things To Check Out

Lots Of Videos

I have lots of videos ranging from dating scenarios, lame cliches we use. Check them out here. Please subscribe and share.

Please Share YOUR Dates

I have a forum where you can share your online dating experiences. Have you had a bad/awkward online date? Has someone text'd you lame photographs, or have you been sent nasty emails on a dating site? Please post YOUR experiences in my online dating forum.

Syndicated Articles

While many of the posts on my site are humorous, I also have many that are sincere and serious that have been syndicated to Fox, MSN, YourTango, StyleCaster, CNN, etc. Here is one titled "The Addiction of Online Dating". You can see the rest in the "Read" section under "Guest Posts".

How Can You Help?

Please subscribe to my site so I have your email to send updates, also like/share the content you like. Likewise, check out my book and see me life when I perform near you:)

Contact Me. Say Hello...

I'd love to hear from you...or frankly anyone. I'm lonely.

Justin Kelly McClure - the Online Dating Critic

Have You Online Dated?

Yes. I've tried online dating off and on the past few years. I feel it works well for me (when I want to date) as I don't drink, don't go to bars, and don't chase girls around, so online dating is a good option for someone like me who is trying to be productive. While I'm rather reticent and private about my personal life, I did document "My Worst Date Ever" which was an online date. Online Dating has been more entertaining than anything else, however I do have my own skepticism since I feel most people do not put in the work anymore,and we've all become 'just a face' on the Internet which means everyone is looking for greener grass...and I'm not disposable - it's all about knowing your worth and owning it. Honestly, that's what most of the site is about. I don't need to meet anyone because the true relationship in life is the one with me, and I have that.

Do You Write About Your Dates?

No, not at all. This site isn't autobiographical. My life isn't privy to documentation because if I did talk about my dates it wouldn't be interesting. I try to be sincere about anyone I meet - I don't meet anyone for material. Ironically, writing about dating (this site) keeps me too busy to actually date. Also, I feel my intensity and focus on people makes it not appealing for me to just 'date'. It's not interesting to me, however I do love to report on it (and that's the impetus for this site).

How Did You Come Up With The Idea For Online Dating Critic?

I used to be a professional comedian (still am I guess), but I saw the Internet was killing the value of live performance. Gone are the days of people going to the comedy clubs to be entertained. Now people stay at home with their devices, watch YouTube, Netflix, etc, instead of going out for live performances. As I've witnessed this cultural change I decided I needed to have a niche online. Much of my standup was about human interactions and observations, so I became very curious about Online Dating as it's something that is changing how we view each other as it pertains to affection and love. I decided to dedicate at site entirely to dating today and the struggles/humor/success of dating online. It's really fun to write and talk about.

You Used To Be A Full Time Comedian, Yah?

Certainly. I made my living at it for years, and loved it. It was the best "education" of my life and was/is the foundation for great writing. A funny comedian simply is a good editor of their words. As this site increases I will perform around "Online Dating Critic" brand, but for now you can enjoy some of my standup in the Videos Section of my site.

Why Is There No Lengthy Bio?

I don't believe in biographies. They are self-aggrandizing and egotistical. The proof of my worth is in the content I create, not what I announce you about me. I'm a simple man trying to work hard and be passionate about the one life I've been given to live. I was born and raised in the beautiful bucolic north Georgia mountains. That's all anyone needs to know...the rest is said in a person's work.